Every 3D printing early adopter has a story. Most of them will be probably forgotten, but every one of them will have it’s own inpact. That’s why these stories need to be told with honesty – here’s my story.

PLA is the new wood

The aesthetic autonomy of wood and unfair aesthetic of 3D prints. People expect wood from wood but not 3D prints from 3D prints. This phenomenon holds 3D printing back.

Under this provocative title I was talking about the DIY 2.0 workshop, which I’ ve written about several times, the of personal fabrication, open source, capabilities of 3D printing and actually printing “on air”:)

Logo of the festival

Not so long ago every time I heard about so called culture 2.0 or citizen 2.0, the main character was the Internet and the punchline was that acces to information has changed and so changed the way of how people used and produced information. When I heard about the program of a prestigious festival called Culture 2.0., I understood that maybe it’s time to focus on the utilities that make the the mentioned change somthing obvious.

DIY 2.0 workshop, day 3

On 27-29 May we had a quite important event here in Gdańsk (@ the City Culture Institute) – we had our own DIY workshop founded on the idea of FabLabs run by the personae of Maciek Wojnicki.

Behold, Open Hardware Definition 1.0 released.

How about an idea of being able to downolad a physical object? How? That’s how!

One of my favorite physibles - bag clip from Thingiverse

A small package of the latest.

This time we break down “prosumption”.

A legal advice: think twice before making prosumption a part of your business plan. Tobacco Haven from New Hampshire USA already learned their lesson.


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