Glad to welcome you on my blog! Let me show you around a little bit. First of all I’m inviting you to the About site, where you can find the basic info about the idea behind this blog. Categories, tags and Search will help you find what you need on this site. Visiting links on the right strongly recommended. E-mail subscriptions and RSS will keep you up to date. It’s that simple 😉

A few more words about the goals of this blog. At some point there comes a time where a given amount of information allows to develop a perspective of looking at them. This process can be compared to data mining  – if you have a key to search and catalogue  information with and in this information there lies an adequate pattern,  your result is a perspective to look with. Moreover, this perspective is needed for new areas of research and in result produces more information; without this perspective you only accumulate information and the most productive thing you can get is an archive. This blog is about using a perspective, a paradigm to produce information with information and result with a development. I’m not assuming that prosumerism paradigm is the only “true and righteous” – I’m just saying that it is very promising and needs be given attention.

There’s  off course a benefit for all of us. Since the studies concerning prosumerism are rather not popular at the time writing, we can use a truly prosumeric collective intelligence mechanism to change that 🙂 Thanks for reading this blog and contributing to it 🙂

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