Bug Labs opensource hardware. Consuming by producing.

I’ ve heard about The Bug about a year ago. It caught my attention immediately. This is how it looks.

Bugbase Diagram
Bugbase Diagram from BugLabs

This is how the authors describe it: ” incredibly flexible platform that allows customers to prototype and produce new wireless devices rapidly and efficiently”. It’s a remarkable product, because it does nothing – at least in terms of market accessed products.  Frankly, that’s the source of its power, because only this way Bug is able to do everything 😉 Here’s a taste:

Smarter houses
Real-time remote energy management (oops! forgot to turn the lights off!), SMS notifications and reminders, security monitors. The BUG platform makes it easy and convenient to prototype and deploy new ideas like this quickly.

Of course there’s more – at Bug Labs’ site you can read some case studies of Bug appliance in automotive, health and government fields. A mandatory check-out, simply amazing!

In a willing and skillful prosumer’s hands this little gadget becomes the-thing-to-bring-to-a-deserted-island. Notice that it’s a truly prosumeric product. It’s made for hacking (in fact it’s useless without a hack), it’s multi-purpose, and it’s making you even more independent from many commodities, because you no longer have to buy a gadget if you can make one by yourself. Consuming the product you simultaneously become a producer. Another thing: it makes you independent because you no longer have to wait for someone to design and put into production a thing that you need right now. So not only it makes you less dependent from commodities, it makes you less dependent from the market mechanism.

I no longer even know if this kind of usage can be called hacking, for “hacking” is its primary, default usage 🙂


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