And the mother-tomato says “Catch up”…

Don’t you think it’s time to catch up with the latest ? So here’s what came up to my radar recently:

  • Printable transistors. Gotta love the headline 🙂 I also think, that “now it’s seriously on”.
  • Wearable print contest
  • I couldn’t count  how many times this guy performed an intro for Makerbot and its philosophy, but every time he’s up for the job. Another great intro below; really helpful in explaining your friends wtf is a 3d printer and why somebody would need one:
  • Last but not least, my recent favourites at Thingiverse and the youngest evil breed of 3d printing (flattr stronly suggested):

Bag clip

W40k Dreadnought
 W40k Dreadnought!

One thought on “And the mother-tomato says “Catch up”…

  1. It wasn’t hard to predict – the Dreadnought was temporarily taken down from Thigiverse:

    “This Thing is currently under moderation due to a DMCA request from Games Workshop Limited.

    Files and images for this Thing are currently unavailable.”

    Can’t wait to see how will it end. I wonder if this print was just to good or GW goes after any Warhammer derived prints.

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