DIY 2.0 workshop on Culture 2.0 festival in Warsaw – report

Not so long ago every time I heard about so-called culture 2.0 or citizen 2.0, the main character was the Internet and the punchline was that access to information has changed and so changed the way of how people used and produced information. When I heard about the program of a prestigious festival called Culture 2.0., I understood that maybe it’s time to focus on the utilities that make the mentioned change something obvious.

In the preface I must describe an event that happened some time ago and sadly when I have found the time to write a post about it, it was too late for it to be any fresh 😉 I am talking about the second edition of DIY workshop held in Gdańsk during which we built 2 Prusas. The workshop was led by Przemek Jaworski and Konrad Klepacki, also know as the founders of the first and biggest Polish portal about 3D printing – designfutures. The event took 3 days and the building part took 2 of them. The thesis that anyone can build a 3D printer was verified positive and it was fun to do it:)

Let’s get back to the festival. We (the DIY 2.0 workshop crew) were invited by the National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw to present the idea of fab labs, personal fabrication with the machines we built during the workshops. My role was to cover the 3D printing part, Maciek Wojnicki made the preface and covered the Arduino part and Jarek Halikowski presented a very special CNC machine. The latter one is Jarek’s own project (sponsored by IKM) of an open source CNC, soon to be released (we’re even going to have a DIY 2.0 workshop on building one of these things).

The audience was very differentiated. Focusing on the 3D printers, there were people who had seen a 3d printer, people who believed what they have seen and people who had to look twice:) High five for the guys from creative agencies:) What was very rewarding for us was the presence of Edwin Bendyk, a famous author concerned about the new media and society. He even mentioned us on his blog for one the main Polish opinion magazines “Polityka”. Cheers mr. Edwin!

Naturally we did some live printing. We even had a little show 😉 Jarek’s CNC was missing a few parts. Jarek designed it on the run and I’ve printed the model. It was few millimeters off but it’s only a matter of some microsteps and the show went on.

A big thanks for the contestants, IKM in Gdańsk, ISA in Warsaw, mr. Edwin Bendyk and my friends from DIY 2.0 workshops!


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