And the mother-tomato says “Catch up”…

One of my favorite physibles - bag clip from Thingiverse

Don’t you think it’s time to catch up with the latest ? So here’s what came up to my radar recently:

  • Printable transistors. Gotta love the headline 🙂 I also think, that “now it’s seriously on”.
  • Wearable print contest
  • I couldn’t count  how many times this guy performed an intro for Makerbot and its philosophy, but every time he’s up for the job. Another great intro below; really helpful in explaining your friends wtf is a 3d printer and why somebody would need one:
  • Last but not least, my recent favourites at Thingiverse and the youngest evil breed of 3d printing (flattr stronly suggested):

Bag clip

W40k Dreadnought
 W40k Dreadnought!

The Tobacco Haven Case

Well, this is not news, and yet News. In 2009 a tobacco shop from New Hampshire USA called Tobacco Haven made prosumption an essential part of their business plan. They set up a micro production line which let their customers obtain cigarettes by estimated half price of those offered by tobacco companies just by contributing a little production to the consumption path. The customers chose a blend, shove into a cigarette-rolling machine and in about 8 minutes they enjoyed some freshly made cigarettes by a real bargain price. Great idea, because it’s a unique set of added value: not only you get a-price-to-reckon-with but you offer the customers a unique experience of being closer to The Old Days with all the nostalgia towards the ways of their fathers.

Hold on tight, because this one is getting better. Continue reading

Be a Backer of ReMade!

Already wrote about those guys and their project (remember Electromagnate?). Now the occasion is: they’re raising up funds for completion of their film (you can start from 10$, but if you contribute 500$+ your name will be in credits!) and it’s just wrong on so many levels not to have an embed of their teaser 😉

If you like what you see donate here 🙂 Thanks in behalf of Electromagnate 🙂